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Using an A1 Tuinbouwtechniek horizontal screen installation in your greenhouse

Your crop can be affected by the temperature and light in your greenhouse. The temperature and light intensity can be regulated by using a horizontal screen installation. The outside temperature can affect your crop, which is why it is essential to maintain the temperature level in the greenhouse.

Power screen installation

Conserving energy in your greenhouse with a screen installation. Power screen installations can be important, depending on where in the world you grow your crop. A lot of power screen installations are used for vegetable production as it provides maximum energy savings with a minimum loss of light.

Screen installation

By using a horizontal screen installation for your crop, you create shadow. The light intensity in the greenhouse is important for your crop to blossom and grow. You can influence the light intensity and control shadow by using a screen installation. The screen installation can be installed by A1 Tuinbouwtechniek by using a push-pull or pull-wire system.

Blackout screen installation

By using a blackout installation, you can limit the light intensity in the greenhouse. It is also an effective way of conserving energy. A blackout screen installation can be installed in your greenhouse by using a push-pull or pull-wire system.

Outside screen installation

Install a screen installation outside your greenhouse to regulate light and temperature. The outside screen installation keeps away outside heat and lowers the temperature in the greenhouse by a couple of degrees.

Suspended screen installation

A sustainable screen installation with suspended screen system. The main benefit of a suspended screen installation is its long durability.

QLS screen installation

QLS is a water-tight screen installation keeping your crop frost-free and dry. When the screen is closed, gutters are created, collecting rain water in your water storage. As soon as the temperatures rises, you can open the system to allow your crop to be in the fresh air. A QLS screen installation is commonly used in tree nurseries.

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