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Plants exist for 80%-90% out of water. In addition of being a crucial growth medium, the plant evaporates this water for cooling itself. A high pressure fog system will ensure optimization and a more precise regulation of air humidity and temperature, which makes you more capable to regulate the moisture absorption by the leaves of the crops. You will also experience a reduction of water use compared to other systems, such as sprinkler or pad & fan installations. All the atomized water evaporates in the greenhouse. This adiabetic cooling also ensures the CO2 remains longer in the greenhouse. This ensures cooling on an energy-efficient way, so your crops will feel more ‘comfortable’ in their environment.


Triton consists of a filter container that creates a healthy microbiological population by way of an advanced system combining air, water and a composite growth medium. This population is a resident micro biology. The resident microflora ensures that the organic contamination is "eaten", making it impossible for non-resident microflora, such as agro bacterium, to grow. After the water is treated in the Triton, it contains more oxygen, less organic material and a healthy quantity of microflora, creating a balanced eco system and improving the resistance of the plant roots. The Triton is easily incorporated into your existing watering system.

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